A REC Studios production

“a SCRUMPTIOUS black comedy to whet your appetites”

you’re all invited for an evening of MURDER, CHILLI & BETRAYAL. Cheers!


Brought to you by:

Director – Ivan Gostev

Ivan Gostev is an award-winning director and producer based in London. He first started directing for the stage at the ADC theatre in Cambridge while a student of the university. Ivan’s debut in film was a TV Pilot, Bloody Cakes, starring Ingeborga Dapkunaite (Mission Impossible, Seven Years in Tibet, Academy Award-winning Burnt by the Sun). In 2017 the pilot was picked up by Moskvich Films (Brighton 4) and is currently produced for Netflix in Georgia, to be directed by Ivan this fall. As co-founder and Head of Production of REC Studios, Ivan produced and directed several commercials, including, The Little History of Crime (winner of ‘Best Commercial’ at BELIFF London Festival). Ivan is currently working on a Moscow-based documentary for Gazprom Mosenergo. In 2016 Ivan hosted an international script writing contest with a jury featuring Andrey Zvyagintsev (Leviathan, Loveless) and Nick Powell (ex-director of NFTS).

DOP – Karol Jurga

Karol Jurga heads the cinematography department at Sony Music and is a genius of visual storytelling with award-winning work in drama and commercial projects under his belt, including films for Nao, Balenciaga and Steinway.

“Dinner for One” is to be shot on 35mm film in an homage to film noir which is where the story has its roots.

Writer - Sam Jacob

Born in Ireland, Sam Jacob showed promise as a young child, his teachers not believing his creative writing homework could have possibly been conceived by a five year old. We’d like to think his gift has improved since he was five, through life experiences such as living on boat in the South Pacific as a teenager, where he crashed into the Great Barrier Reef, and met friendly cannibals. Making short films from the age of eight, Sam returned to Ireland where he continued to hone his skills as a story teller. Sam started working as a freelance film maker at the age of seventeen, and went on to study screenwriting at Prague Film School. He returned to Ireland where he worked as an editor and assistant cameraman for several years, before doing a Masters in Screenwriting at Met Film School in London, completed in 2016. Sam is currently working on a TV series set in Georgia (the country not the state).